Every brand needs a regular health check

Every 12-24 months or so it pays (yes, it really does!) to conduct an independent audit of your brand to check that everything, and everyone, is on brand and you’re not losing customers and sales through inconsistencies and misalignments.

Our brand audit process is designed to be as friction-free as possible and generally only requires an hour of your time.

To start the process you’ll have a 30 minute session (face-to-face or Zoom) with our Director of Strategy, who’ll lead a discussion about your your brand – where it fits in the market, its customers, its competitors, its pain points, its vision for the future.

After that discussion we’ll get to work on a full audit of your brand and come back to you with our findings including:

✔︎ Where the branding misalignments and alignments are across all sales & marketing channels, customer touch points and internal communications

✔︎ Where it really sits in the minds of existing and potential customers – what they’re saying and thinking about your brand

✔︎ Where the opportunities to fortify your brand are

✔︎ The path forward to take your brand to the next level of customer love and success

A brand audit is also the perfect opportunity for you to experience first hand how we think and how well we work with you before going to the next step of having us run a brand strategy workshop and develop your brand strategy.

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