The brand strategy workshop for those wanting to be the biggest fish in the pond

  • Who should attend?
    Founders, CEO, CMO, COO, agency partner
  • Do we need to bring anything?
    Just yourselves and an open mind. For online workshops we'll send you some exercises we'll do during the workshop. These can be completed on your PC or printed out.
  • Is in-person better than online?
    As long as everyone is focussed and in a space where they won't be distracted, yes.

Our brand strategy workshops are one to three day sessions that take your leadership team out of the business to focus solely on your brand/s.

Facilitated by our our Strategy Director, Adam Coutts, we’ll take your team though a framework of thought-provoking questions and exercises to discover the driving forces and positioning that will take your brand from one of the crowd to a brand your customers love.

We start all of our workshops by examining your brand’s internal drivers – its mission, vision and values – to set the underlying principles that will guide the brand as its North star.

We’ll focus on positioning – the target audience, competitors, key points of difference. We’ll delve into the brand’s customers and really get to know them 0 their wants, needs, dream brand experience and pain points. We’ll look hard at how your brand can fulfil those wants, needs, dream brand experience and pain points. And then we’ll define a unique position the brand can hold in the marketplace – one that it can truly own and be celebrated for.

We’ll look at the brand from a human perspective and discover how the brand should look, talk and act when it interacts with its target audience. The aim is to connect with its target audience on an emotional level.

To end the workshop we reflect back and ensure the entire team is aligned on exactly who, where and what the brand is and absolutely clear about the path it needs to follow on its journey ahead.

Within a week of the workshop you’ll receive a comprehensive summary of the topics discussed and decisions made as a roadmap to brand success.